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Lessons & Coachings

Private Lessons:

An essential element in the life of an artist is to help and nurture others to explore, learn and value different perspectives.  Teaching can be expressed in many different formats, with private lessons being one of most realized.  Through mentoring, I enrich my own experience and continue to learn as well.  I am comfortable working with students of any age, with my youngest starting around age four and my youngest-at-heart in their golden years.

My approach stems from the understanding that every student is an individual, with a unique perspective.  I try to meet students at their level of understanding and encourage progress in a positive way.  I foster the highest level of musicianship and technical skill, always attempting to instill sensitivity and utmost respect for music and the arts.  Students learn that  sound body mechanics set the stage for establishing good technique, which helps prevent injury and allows for broader exploration of artistry in playing. Taking this path to learn helps to develop awareness,  assimilate the instrument with the body in a natural way, and lead to a deeper connection with both the instrument and the music.

Learn life skills through learning music!  Studies have shown that learning instrumental music stimulates brain activity significantly more than many other subjects, including sports.  It helps developing brains learn abstract concepts.  It helps mature brains maintain or even regain abilities that can decline with age.  It helps strengthen our memory recall, both short-term and long-term.  Just as importantly, music connects us with each other, as music is a language we all understand.  The more we study and learn, the more interesting and enriching things become.

I offer lessons in violin and piano, with some students studying both instruments simultaneously.  Although the methods I use are independent for each instrument, I am able to tailor a unique experience for each student with no conflicting advice between the instruments.   I often accompany students on either instrument as well, supplying early and constant exposure to playing chamber music, crucial to developing a well-rounded music experience.

In-Person Lessons (suspended until further notice):

Depending on the distance, I can travel to your home or another location for the lessons.  Home-schooled children, collegiate students, the self-employed, retirees or those with flexible schedules may opt for lessons earlier in the day.

Remote Lessons:

Now offering remote lessons through Zoom!  The feedback has been very positive about my lessons conducted remotely, and a lot can be accomplished learning this way.  Many students are reporting a deeper appreciation for music studies and even practicing!  I am constantly finding ways to make learning more efficient and engaging.  Remote lessons offer a lot of flexibility in scheduling across time zones, and convenience.  It is easy to set-up with a stable internet connection.  A laptop is optimal for seeing details such as posture and hand positions in the video, and it is easy to adjust the camera angle, although a desktop with camera or a tablet could also work.  Contact me for more information or to schedule a lesson!  The first lesson may take some extra time getting adjusted, which I will add at no additional charge.  You will receive your full lesson time when the music-making begins.

Remote Mini Lessons:
Mini-lessons are short guided practices or extra help between regular lessons.  They are easy to set-up and help students feel less isolated while accelerating towards goals and achievements.  Mini lessons can be scheduled as needed, and generally range from 15 to 30 minutes.

Other Instruments and Subjects:

In addition to violin and piano, lessons are available for viola, music theory and fundamentals (music notation, rhythms, harmony, musicianship).  Cello coaching and practice guidance also offered.  Learn how to understand and read sheet music rapidly and it will not seem overwhelming, but fun!  Learn how to practice and it will be immensely rewarding!  Learn how to learn and you can apply the process to any subject!


If you would like a different perspective from your usual routine, contact me for a one-time lesson, short-term lessons, or even practice sessions for any instrument.

Chamber Music Coachings:

One of the most beloved genres for many musicians both professional and amateur is that of chamber music.  Chamber music refers to small ensembles most commonly ranging from two to four players, though some pieces involve as many as eight or more players.  In chamber music, each musician is both a soloist and a supporting player within the group.  This differs from orchestras, where there may be several players on the same part.

A couple types of chamber ensembles are the piano trio and the string quartet.  A piano trio is most often formed by one pianist, one violinist, and one cellist and the string quartet  is comprised of two violinists, one violist and one cellist.  I can coach your ensemble in preparation for a concert or just for your own enjoyment.  Studying chamber music is an excellent way to improve listening skills, communication competence and collaborative  techniques, plus develop a better sense of not only intonation but intuition as well!

Modified Chamber Music Lessons:  Study the great string and piano chamber repertoire in a private lesson format and hone your skills.  Collaboration possible through video production!

Perhaps now is an opportune time to learn something you have always wanted to learn.  One-on-one instruction helps you learn more quickly than learning on your own or even a group setting.  Sometimes only a few lessons are needed.  For instance, if you already play an instrument, have just a couple pieces to prepare for a special event or performance and would like some help, feel free to contact me and we can figure out the best plan of action to achieve your goal!

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