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Live, acoustic music enhances the elegance of your wedding.  The presence of musicians brings a personal touch to all the music and helps focus the moment on the significance of the occasion- the celebration of your union.

Wedding Music Outline

Here is an outline to help you organize and select the music for your wedding.  We can start from these suggestions and personalize your music choices to suit your ceremony.


Prelude Music:  I can choose this list of music for you, or you can state your preferences during the planning process.  Prelude music typically begins about 15-30 minutes prior to the Processionals, as guests arrive and take their seats.

Processionals:  Depending on how many members in each category below are walking in to music, one or two pieces/songs can be chosen for the Family, Groom and Wedding Party.  A separate piece/song for the Bride is often chosen, however, it is also just as beautiful to continue the same piece/song for all processionals including the Bride.

  • Family/Honored Guests/Sponsors

  • Groom/Wedding Party/Ring Bearer/Flower Girl

  • Bride & Parents

Interlude (optional):  A special piece/song can be included after the exchange of vows and rings, perhaps during a unity candle lighting, between reading, or a moment of reflection.

Recessional:  An upbeat piece/song to start the celebration of your marriage as you walk up the aisle in unity!

Cocktail hour:  The Recessional can segue right into the cocktail hour music if your wedding includes this portion at the same venue.  I can choose the music for the cocktail hour for you, or you can state your preferences during the planning process.

Weddings that include the Catholic Mass

Same as above, but including liturgical music to celebrate the Mass.  Please consult with your presiding priest regarding music choices, as there may be strict guidelines depending on the priest or parish.  Classical and liturgical music are the most accepted genres.  A typical Mass will include a cantor to lead in singing the liturgy.  Please inquire if a reference is needed.  However, some couples opt for a spoken liturgy instead of including singing.  You will want to work with your priest to choose the readings, including the Responsorial Psalm.  A Liturgy of the Word wedding ceremony generally includes all the liturgy listed below minus the Offertory, Eucharistic Acclamations and Communion.

Here is an outline for a wedding with Mass.

Prelude Music:  (See above)

Processionals:  (See above)

Gloria*:  May be sung or spoken.  *For weddings, the Gloria is often omitted.

Responsorial Psalm:  Usually sung and led by a cantor, but can also be spoken.

Alleluia:  Usually sung and led by a cantor, but can also be spoken.

Interlude: A hymn or song, or improvisation may be included after the exchange of vows & rings, or during the lighting of the unity candle: 

Offertory:  Music to accompany the Presentation of Gifts.

Eucharistic Acclamations:  Holy, When We Eat This Bread, Amen, Agnus Dei, usually from a setting.

Communion:  Usually a hymn.

Flowers to Mary (optional):  Ave Maria is commonly sung or played.

Recessional:  (See above)



Click on this link Sheet Music Library for a partial list of repertoire that can be played during your event.  Please note that some pieces/songs work better with certain types of ensembles than others.  Please inquire if you have specific music selections in mind.  If a requested piece is not in my library, or if the piece is not in the standard repertoire, an arrangement may be made with an additional fee.

Please contact me for Rates and Policy.   In your inquiry, please include the date, time frame, and location of your event, approximate number of guests, and the instrumentation that you are interested in booking, along with any questions.  Thank you for your interest!

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